Secure Shopping Guarantee

Is It Safe To Shop On-Line?

When you shop on-line, your credit card number and address information is encrypted using state-of-the-art technology. Our site uses 128-bit encryption and the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security features provided by your Web browser. This ensures that your transactions are secure. Your order is processed by a secure server (computer) which is similarly encrypted and is programmed with fraud protection routines and password security to ensure the safety of your information.

The credit card information which you provide to our password protected, secure server via encrypted computer communications, is the same credit card information you hand over to the waiter or waitress at your local restaraunt who walks off with your credit card and that you give verbally over the telephone or send in by mail to the operator at your favorite mail order company. Once that information is in the hands of person, you are depending on their honesty and integrity to insure the safety of that information.

The bottom line truth of the matter is that though the press has made a big deal about on-line credit card fraud, for many companies that have similar online and offline businesses, online credit card charge back rates are lower than offline rates. Web-based transactions are, in most cases, safer than those that take place over the phone or even with brick-and-mortar retailers.

Our Secure Shopper Guarantee!

Whenever you provide sensitive information (for example, a bank account or credit card number), we will take every reasonable step to protect it. When you place orders or access your account information, we offer the use of a secure server. The secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us. Furthermore, all of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access. We will also take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information in storage.

Real-time authorization. Instantly approve shoppers' cards as they place their orders, so shoppers with valid cards can proceed through checkout and shoppers with invalid cards are prevented from completing their order.

Real-time fraud protection. Automatic fraud check and AVS during checkout, allowing us to immediately reject orders from fraudulent credit cards.

Address Verification Service (AVS). Extra fraud protection through address verification for Visa and MasterCard orders.

Secured shopper data. Digital receipts are encrypted and protected on our servers.

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Moving Between Secured & Unsecured Pages

If you receive an error message from your web browser indicating that you are moving between secured and unsecured pages while placing your order, please read the message and continue with your order. If you are concerned that you are seeing browser security messages too often, check the security level settings in your browser. You can then comfortably continue your online ordering.