Extremely photogenic, here's Louis as you've never seen him before! The captions are in italics when written by Louis.

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Louis at 3 years old

From left to right: Friends Bill Morrissey, Rich Morrissey, Evan Lougheed, Art Ringuette, and Louis L'Amour, about 1922/23 (photo courtesy of Irene S. Westley).

Yoba Copper Company, where I was caretaker of a mine for three months.

Yoba Copper Company, about thirty miles from Prescott, Arizona, near Dewey.


Louis at 12 years old

My father, Dr. L. C. La Moore (He altered the spelling).

Wood cut by me near Kalamath Lake [Oregon].

Choctaw, OK. Oak and myself shortly after we arrived from Oregon.

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