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The Outlaw Roan

The horse thief jerked free of the tie-rope and leaped into the saddle. The roan spun like a top and then bucked and the would-be rider was piled into the water trough and his screams brought Bowdrie and the marshal running, for the roan had grabbed the thief's shoulder in his teeth.

Bowdrie took the bridle, spoke to the horse, then mounted and rode away. The thief, badly shaken and bloody, was helped from the trough. Aside from the savage bite, he had a broken shoulder.

"What was that? the outlaw whined. "What . . .?"

"That was Chick Bowdrie an' that outlaw roan he rides." The marshal kept one hand on his prisoner while looking down the street after Bowdrie. "They deserve each other," he added. "They're two of a kind."