Dead-End Drift

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Read by Richard Crenna
1 Hour on 1 Cassette

Louis L'Amour's life was as exciting as the fiction he wrote. And in this exclusive audio program America's favorite storyteller talks about his early experiences as a miner searching for gold and silver in the hard rock mines of the old West and gives his firsthand observations of the hard and dangerous life of a miner and the special breed of men who risked their lives daily to dig the earth for riches--and too often found their own graves. These collections are vividly re-created in Richard Crenna's performance of Dead End Drift, one of L'Amour's famous Yondering tales. This harrowing story of a real-life mine cave-in is L'Amour's fictionalized account of the last hours of four trapped miners and their courageous struggle to save themselves from certain death.

Dead End Drift provides a unique look at Louis L'Amour, the man and his work.

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