The Burning Hills

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Warner Bros. Pictures

STARRING - Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood

DIRECTED BY - Stuart Heisler

They eat, sleep and breathe one thought: kill. The gunmen who cut down Trace Jordan's brother have closed ground on hard-riding Trace. They never think the hunted will become the hunter. They never suspect Trace will lead them into a camp of hostile Comanches.

The excitement moves like a firestorm in The Burning Hills, based on a novel by Louis L'Amour and starring Tab Hunter and Natalie Wood. The two leads were among the '50s most popular talents when they took on the roles of Trace and his companion-in-flight Maria. Wood had just made a triumphant shift to mature roles with Rebel Without a Cause the prior year. And Hunter was still surrounded by the buzz from his Battle Cry role. In this action roundup, the so-called "Battle Cry Guy" showed he was a fightin' guy.

Tab Hunter .... Trace Jordon
Natalie Wood .... Maria Christina Colton
Skip Homeier .... Jack Sutton
Eduard Franz .... Jacob Lance, Tracker
Earl Holliman .... Morton
Claude Akins .... Ben Hindeman, Sutton's Foreman
Ray Teal .... Joe Sutton
Frank Puglia .... Tio Perico
Hal Baylor .... Braun
Tyler MacDuff .... Wes Parker
Rayford Barnes .... Veach
Tony Terry .... Vincente Colton
Amapola Del Vando .... Townswoman
John Doucette .... The Bartender

Approximate Running Time:
1 hour 32 Minutes
Color 1956

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