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A Wayne Fellows Production - Batjack Productions

STARRING: John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Ward Bond, and James Arness

DIRECTED BY: John Farrow

John Wayne is HONDO

The year is 1874, and the whites have broken their treaty with the Apache Nation. Hondo Lane (John Wayne), a U.S. Cavalry dispatch rider, encounters a young woman (Geraldine Page) and her son, living alone in Apache territory. Hondo, half Indian himself, is troubled at having to fight his bretheren in an all-out uprising. Doing the unexpected, he leads the woman and other families through marauding Indian attacks to safety. Along the way, he discovers he has fallen in love.

" . . . Hondo Lane has joinded the Ringo Kid (Stagecoach), Ethan Edwards (The Searchers) and Rooster Cogburn (True Grit) as one of Wayne's best."

. . . Life and Times of the Western Movie

John Wayne .... Hondo Lane
Geraldine Page .... Angie Lowe
Ward Bond .... Buffalo Baker
Michael Pate .... Vittorio
James Arness .... Lennie
Rodolfo Acosta .... Silva
Leo Gordon .... Ed Lowe
Tom Irish .... Lieutenant McKay
Lee Aaker .... Johnny Lowe
Paul Fix .... Major Sherry
Rayford Barnes .... Pete

Approxomate Running Time:
83 Minutes
With Never Before Seen Footage!
Color 1953