Louis L'Amour - An Annotated Bibliography and Guide (By Halbert W. Hall)

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This is an awsome, comprehensive guide to works written by and about Louis L'Amour.

The first part documents all of his book-length works, providing extensive information on editions, reprints and translations, a plot synopsis, and a list of selected reviews for each.

The second part covers all known and verified short stories, identifying the date of the first publication and including information on reprints and title changes and an annotation for each. Following these are sections detailing L'Amour's nonfiction and poetry, audio productions, motion pictures and television programs based on his books and stories, and books and articles about him. A 75 page character register and a comprehensive general index are also provided.

Curator of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection of the Cushing Library at Texas A&M University, Halbert W. Hall (well known to all of us on the discussion forum as Hal Hall) has won numerous awards for his contributions to both library and science fiction publications. He lives in Bryan, Texas. Hal also wanted to "recognize Rick Hicks's contribution to the "Short Story" segment. He was a major help. Tom Daniels was also a great help on details and support. Both are on the Forum from time to time. "

Includes an Introduction by Michael T. Marsden and an Afterword by Michael T. Marsden and Kristine Fredriksson which recounts an interview with Louis on March 17, 1985.

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