Beyond the Great Snow Mountains

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From the American West to the Siberian coast, from Hollywood to the boxing ring, here are timeless tales of war, mystery, romance, crime, and punishment as only Louis L'Amour can tell them.

These stories are vintage L'Amour: A hard-bitten cattle driver is pitted against a man trying to steal his woman, the disappearance of a thousand head of cattle, and a plot to frame him for murder....A private eye visits a remote mining town on a case involving a sexy widow, an uneasy lawman, and a fortune in gold buried in an abandoned mine shaft....A country boy with a good right hand must fight not only his vicious opponent in the ring but the ruthless gangsters who'll do anything for profit-even commit cold-blooded murder....A young woman stranded in an isolated harbor must survive the wilderness and a brutal battle of wits with a sadistic fortune hunter.

Here is the trademark blend of action, suspense, historical detail, and unforgettable characters that have made Louis L'Amour one of the world's most extraordinary writers.

"Superb stylist L'Amour returns [with this collection] narrated in his usual hard-edged, close-cropped sentences jutting up from under fierce blue skies ... A master storyteller." --Kirkus Reviews

"Snappy ... entertaining ... these adventure tales offer their share of the high drama L'Amour is famous for." --Publishers Weekly

This collection includes:
By the Waters of San Tadeo • Meeting at Falmouth • Roundup in Texas • Sideshow Champion • Crash Landing • Under the Hanging Wall • Coast Patrol • The Gravel Pit • The Money Punch • Beyond the Great Snow Mountains

Hardcover LARGE PRINT | Out of Stock | View Cart | Checkout


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