The Strong Shall Live

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They came west to stay, risking their blood to dig the gold, ride the range, conquer the greedy, and carve out a legacy of freedom. Men honed by desert fires and edged by combat with fist and gun. Women tested to the limit of endurance by an unrelenting land. Now, in a long-awaited collection of his stories, Louis L'Amour tells of the real heroes of the frontier, the survivors for whom hanging tough was as natural as drawing breath.

This collection includes:
The Strong Shall Live • One Night Stand • Trail to Squaw Springs • Merrano of the Dry Country • The Romance of Piute Bill • Hattan's Castle • Duffy's Man • Big Man • The Marshal of Sentinel • Bluff Creek Station

Hardcover LARGE PRINT | Out of Stock | View Cart | Checkout


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