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Valley of the Sun

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Cattlemen ride alone across the open range under the deadly aim of roving desperadoes--. Gamblers stake their fortunes and their lives on a deck of cards--. Strong-willed senoritas seek independence through an enticing combination of beauty, audacity, and spirit--. Lawmen and outlaws walk the same dusty streets and speak a common language: Colt, Winchester, Smith & Wesson. Gritty, tough, and unflinchingly authentic, here is the West as it really was: a land where for every friend there is an enemy, for every handshake a fist, for every dispute a resolution--usually in an explosive showdown of blood and bullets. In these remarkable tales, Louis L'Amour--like the very heroes he depicts--blazes a trail across the American frontier and takes us on an unforgiving journey into the heart of our western heritage.

This collection includes:
We Shaped the Land with Our Guns • West of the Pilot Range • When a Texan Takes Over • No Man's Mesa • Gila Crossing • Medicine Ground • Valley of the Sun • That Slash Seven Kid • In Victorio's Country

Hardcover LARGE PRINT | Out of Stock | View Cart | Checkout


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