West of Dodge

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Where the real frontier begins... A young cowpuncher stakes a claim that can only be sealed with fists and a .44 Colt.... A gunfighter, tired of violence, finds himself pushed down a trail of bloody revenge.... From purple sage to gambler's gold, from a señorita's tempting smile to a splash of blood in the dust, here are stories with a distinctive L'Amour twist.

+A quiet farmer defends his honor in a moment of panic and luck...only to find true courage on the run from the dead man's brothers. A young drifter defends a lady's honor...and finds himself the quarry of a hanging posse. An aging marshal with a reputation as a crack shot faces a stranger who knows his secret. With relentless suspense and unforgettable drama, Louis L'Amour once again paints a vivid portrait of our western heritage that will live forever.

This collection includes:
Beyond the Chaparral • A Husband for Janey • West of Dodge • The Passing of Rope Nose • To Make a Stand • That Man From the Bitter Sands • Let the Cards Decide • Riches Beyond Dream • West of Dry Creek • Marshal of Canyon Gap • Home is the Hunter • Rain on the Halfmoon • Stage to Willowspring • To Hang Me High

Half-Price Hardcover | Out of Stock | View Cart | Checkout


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