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Buckskin Run

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This Collection Includes:
The Ghosts of Buckskin Run • No Trouble for the Cactus Kid • Horse Heaven • Squatters on the Lone Tree • Jackson of Horntown • There's Always a Trail • Down the Pogonip Trail • What Gold Does to a Man

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Land of the free...

In this unique collection of tales, Louis L'Amour captures the frontier experience as it lives forever in the American imagination.

A young woman heads west to marry, only to find her intended fiancι the subject of dark rumors....

Vowing to stay out of trouble, a young cowhand rides to get some calico for his girlfriend's new dress. But trouble finds him when he runs afoul of two men, one of whom is a vicious murderer....

A wily old sheriff comes to arrest the last surviving member of an infamous clan. Caught in a sudden and treacherous blizzard, they make the unlikeliest of partners in a desperate struggle for survival that teaches them the true meaning of courage, honor, friendship--and justice.

These are just some of the unforgettable characters whose adventures are collected in this magnificent volume.

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