Bowdrie's Law

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Lawman, manhunter, peacemaker--it takes a hard breed of man to survive as a Texas Ranger, but Chick Bowdrie stands head and shoulder above the rest. The rough trails are his home, from the Big Thicket to the Pecos to the border. He's dried by the desert sun and wind, scarred and toughened by uncounted gun battles, and when you look into his black eyes it's like looking down the barrels of two .44s with their hammers drawn back. He rides in the name of justice, but he lives by his own law--Bowdrie's Law. And if you're thinking about walking on the wrong side of Bowdrie Law, you'd better start running. Fast.

This collection includes:
McNelly Knows a Ranger • Where Buzzards Fly • Case Closed - No Prisoners • Down Sonora Way • The Road to Casa Peidra • A Ranger Rides to Town • South of Deadwood • The Outlaws of Poplar Creek • Rain on the Mountain Fork • Strange Pursuit


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