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Law of the Desert Born

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These stories represent Louis L'Amour at his best--stirring adventure tales of the ageless Old West, as tough and gritty as the men who tames it. Each story is personally selected, with an introduction and special historical notes, by the author.

Meet men like Shad Marone, the gunfighter who killed in self-defense, but who is forced to run because he killed the wrong man--the sheriff's brother; Matt Sabre, as tough as the Texas trail he rides, on a mission of mercy to the wife of the man he gunned down; and Kim Sartain, a reckless young drifter who refuses to back down from a showdown with a vicious outlaw killer. Every story in this collection bear's Louis L'Amour's distinctive brand of unbridled action and unembellished authenticity--taking us into the white-hot deserts, stone-cold canyons, and rough-and-tumble towns of the world only he knows so well.

This collection includes:
Law of the Desert Born • Riding On • The Black Rock Coffin Makers • Desert Death Songs • Ride, You Tonto Raiders • One Last Gun Notch • Death Song of the Sombrero • The Guns Talk Loud • Grub Line Rider • The Marshal of Painted Rock • Trap of Gold

Hardcover LARGE PRINT | Out of Stock | View Cart | Checkout


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