Long Ride Home

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No one brings to life the Old West like Louis L'Amour. Collected here for the first time, these vintage frontier stories introduce you to lawmen and loners, ranchers and renegades, gunslingers, cardsharps, bank robbers, and bandits.

In these pages Louis brings to life such classic characters as the Cactus Kid, Tensleep Mooney, One-Eared Tim, and the gunfighter Kim Sartain. These are frontier tales as only Louis L'Amour can tell them--stories that surprise like the sharp crack of a Winchester and move like the lonely howl of the wind across an empty plain on the long ride home.

This collection includes:
The Cactus Kid Pays a Debt • Bad Place to Die • That Triggernometry Tenderfoot • The Town No Guns Could Tame • Shandy Takes the Hook • No Man's Man • Ride or Start Shootin' • Long Ride Home


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