The Louis L'Amour Trading Post Recommends!

ver the next year we will be adding more and more of an expanded list of books and movies. Some were Louis' favorites, some just seem like things that Louis' fans might like and others are items that Paul and I think that you-all will just find interesting but may never have thought about.

As those who participate in our Discussion Forum can tell you, some may find our choices controversial ... just realize that we haven't made these suggestions lightly. As ugly as parts of Deadwood are it is absolutely fantastic film making, and one of the best Western programs to appear in years. Is is hyper-real? Yes. In my opinion it's not the bad language that makes it that way but things like the overly distressed costumes (you sometimes wonder how the actors get them on without destroying them). Is it totally over the top? No, in the beginning Deadwood was a place where hard people went to get away from civilization and to get rich quick ... very much like the world of civilian contractors in Iraq today. Hard places and hard people, living hard lives ... the reality was ugly, this show is ugly. It's also amazing. The writing is so good at bringing out their humanity that you find yourself deeply caring for some very bad people . . . at least occasionally.

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